Thursday, April 9, 2015

Have 30 minutes to Spare each day? Go organic and stop eating Pesticides and Fertilizers! Go green!!

I just rediscovered my long lost green thumb which had been ruthlessly mutilated in the race of struggle for existence!!

Couple of months back, I saw my office colleague growing Egg-plants in a small sack on rooftop and I was floored. I immediately took a decision and took out all the empty paint buckets at home and started this ever addicting journey!!

At first I just bought some roses and later planted some kohlrabi in buckets and Spinach in bamboo baskets. And you know what? I got a nice produce (Obviously in accordance to what I had sowed)

It fueled my desire and in spring (February in Delhi), I started planting Cucurbits( Cucumber, Zucchini (long), Zucchini (Round), Tomatoes (Local and Cherry tomato), Capsicum (Bell Peppers) and Yes, they are healthy and growing!!!

You can see the images below!!

Yes you saw them right, some or rather many of them are growing in PVC bags (which are damn cheaper) in cocopeat media without soil 

I am planning to get a lovely Greenhouse or rather a Shadenet house to prevent my babies from summer heat very soon.

May be a drip-irrigation system too (I don't prefer buying too much, obviously will make my own!!) ;)

Will be posting more pics, once they start fruiting and I get my greenhouse done!!


P.S.: Would Love to share and swap some seeds!! I also got many!!!

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